Your Account - Your Orders

This page displays the list of all your orders.


Click on the order reference number or the the «See» button to access to the order summary.

Your Orders


Your order summary displays the same information than the one displayed during the order, at the step 5, the order summary: My Order


You have also access to:

  • Your oder reference number

  • Your date

  • Your date we have sent your oder

  • Your order status


You order can have several status:

  • Payed: You have finished your order and you have payed for it.

  • Processing: We are working on your order. Regarding the number and the type of items, the processing time may vary.

  • Sent: We have sent your order. You can track your order by clicking o the «Follow» button. You will access the websites of our partners, Colissimo or UPS.

Follow your order
  • Delivered: You have received your order. The tracking system of our partners inform us that you have received it.

  • Refunded: We have refunded your order.


Finaly, you can download your bill in a PDF file, by clicking on the file name:

Download your bill