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This page displays all your galleries. You can see them, edit their sharing options or notify friends:

My Galleries


To see a gallery, click on the name of the gallery or click on the «See» button:

See a gallery

Sharing options

A gallery has two sharing options: «Private» or «Semi Private» :


Private «Private»

You are the only who can see your gallery.


Semi Private «Semi Private»

To selectively allow access to your gallery, select «Semi Private». All semi private galleries have an authorization key in the web address; the key is a combination of letters and numbers which make the web address very difficult to guess. Anyone that has the exact web address will be able to see your semi private gallery.

Edit your gallery sharing option

To edit your gallery sharing option, click on the «Edit» button:

Edit a gallery


You see the sharing option edition page:

Edit the sharing option of my Gallery


In this example, the gallery is «Private». To change it to «Semi Private», select «Semi Private» then click on the «Edit» button:

Edit the sharing option of my Gallery - Semi Private


Once this modification is processed, we will send you a confirmation E-Mail.


To change the shating option of a gallery to «Private», select «Private» then click on the «Edit» button. Again, we will send you a confirmation E-Mail once the modification is processed.

When a gallery is «Semi Private», the link you can send to your friends is also displayed:

Edit the sharing option of my Gallery - Link

Now, you can notify your friends that they can see your gallery.

Notify Friends

To notify friends, click on the «Notify Friends» button ont the «My Galleries» page:

Notify Friends


Then you access this page:

Notify Friends

You can notify up to fve friends.


To achieve this, type their first names, last names and E-Mails and optionaly add a comment they will receive in the mail. Then click on the «Send» button:

Notify Friends

We will send an E-Mail to your friends with the web address of your galleries.


We also send you a confirmation E-Mail.