Order taking - Your Cart

You can see the items in your cart at any time by clicking on the «Your Cart» button that is on the upper right corner of all pages of the website:

My Cart

The «My Cart» page is also displayed when you are adding an item to your cart.

«My Cart» page

My Cart


The page displays all the items that are in your cart.


The «Items subtotal» is displayed at the top of this page. The number of item references is displayed below the items subtotal. The number of item references is the number of different items in your cart.


If you would like to change an item quantity, first change the «Quantity» field then click on the «Update» button:

Change the quantity

The cart page will be updated with the new quantity. The «Items subtotal» will be recalculated. You can change the quantity for several items at once.


If you would like to completely empty your cart, click on the «Empty My Cart» button at the bottom left corner of the page: Empty My Cart


You can always go back the the description page of an item by clicking on the product name or the associated thumbnail: Product description


Now, you can read the help for the finalization of your order.