Order taking - Finalize your order

To process to checkout, you must accept and acknowledge having read the terms and conditions, that you can read on this page, then you must click on the «Process to Checkout» button.

Proceed to Checkout

Step 2 : Authentication

At this stage, you have two options:

  • You already have an account. You follow the instructions described on this page.

  • You do not have an ccount. You follow the instructions to create on described on this page.

Step 3 : Delivery address

Delivery Address

On this page, you must set the address to which we will sent your order.


If you have already set an address in the «Personal Information» page of your account (see the related help), this address will be already set in the form.


If you want to save the delivery address as your default address (it will be saved in the «Personal Information» page), select the option «Use this address as default address» :

Default address


Finaly, you can confirm your delivery address by clicking the «Confirm» button.


Step 4 : Shipment type

Shipment type

You have to select the shipment type you want for your order.


Here is your choice:

  • «Letter», sent by the French postal service (it is not available for all items and in all countries)

  • «Colissimo», French postal service delivery with tracking system.

  • «UPS» :



Sometimes, if you have items with different sizes, we could have to send your items separatly. The seleciton page will inform you of this, and the delivery price will be calculated accordingly.


To continue, click on the «Confirm» button.


Step 5 : Payment

My Order Summary


This page summarizes your order and allows you to use a coupon code.


The upper left block displays your delivery address. You can change if and go back to step 3 step by clicking on the «Change my delivery address» link:

Change the delivery address


The upper right block summarizes your order. You can change your shipment type and go back to the step 4 by clicking on the «Change my shipment type» link:

Change shipment type


Finaly, you can use a promotion code, or a gift-card code in the «Promotion Code or Gift-Card Code» section. Type in your coupon code then click on the «Confirm» button:

Promotion Code or Gift-Card Code


If you have used a valid coupon code, it will be processed and you will see in the order summary block, on the upper right corner of te page, a new section with the coupon code. Then, you can remove this coupon code by clicking on the «Delete» button:

Delete Coupon

You can only use one coupon per order. If you are typing in a new coupon, it will replace the previous one.


To process to the payment, you have to click on the «Proceed to Paypal» button:

Proceed to PayPal

You will be redirected to the website of PayPal. You will be able to pay with a credit card (you do not have to create a PayPal account), or by using your PayPal account.