Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received your E-Mail

It may be that your mail reader software has inadvertently placed our mail in your «spam folder» (or «junk mails folder»).


Check your «spam folder» and tell your mail reader software that this message is valid.


To avoid a similar problem in the future, add our automated emails address to your address book: : «». You can also tell your mail reader software that this address is valid.


After that, if you do not find the email, thanks to contact us.

Can I directly find help in a page?

Some pages have tooltips help.

If you see a question mark icon, like this one Aide, place your mouse over to have a contextual help.

I have lost my cart content

If you close your browser and come back on our web site, the content of your cart will be lost.


We are keeping the content of your cart only during your «session» on our site. The «session%ra is linked to your visit on our site and is destroyed at the end of your visit.


If you are inactive for more than three hours, your «session» is also destroyed. So your shopping cart will be emptied as well.

Why must I sometimes re-enter my password?

When you reconnect to our site, we remember your identity with a cookie.


However, another person can connect with the computer you use, so we ask you to re-enter your password to access your account.


We recommend you log off using the link «Log Off» in the upper right of the page if you are logged on a computer that could be used by others.


For security, we also always ask your password when you place an order.

What softwares do I need to open the downloaded files?

You can download three kind of files from the Julien Gille Photo website: PDF filesPDF, ZIP filesZIP and JPG filesJPG.


PDF filesPDF can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader on Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX. You can also open them natively on Mac OSX with the «Preview» application.

You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader on this page.


ZIP filesZIP are archives that include multiple files. You can decompress these archives natively on Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.


JPG filesJPG are images. You can view these images natively on Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.

What are photos print sizes how are they printed?

Print sizes shown may vary from a few millimeters.


They are the size of the printed area of the picture.


An external margin of about 2cm (0.8") is available to allow to easily matte the photo:

  • ~A5 : no margin

  • ~A4 : no margin

  • ~A3 : margin of about 2cm (0.8")

  • ~A2 : margin of about 2cm (0.8")

  • ~A1 : margin of about 2cm (0.8")


ISO print sizes displayed between parenthesis (~A2, ...) are showed for indicative purpose.

I can not find the information I was looking for in your help pages

Despite our best efforts, it is possible that our help pages are not complete.


Contact Us to ask your question. We will reply by e-mail and we will complete our help pages as quickly as possible with the repky of your question.