20/07/2012 : Coupe d'Europe Surprise - CNV Versoix - Vendredi


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Photo Paper Prints

Size (cm)


Price € (Euros)

13 x 19 cm

12 €

20 x 30 cm

26 €

30 x 45 cm

59 €

50 x 76 cm

88 €

76 x 115 cm

168 €


Will the Julien Gille Photo logo be printed on the photos ?

No, this logo is only displayed when viewing photos on the internet.


It will not be displayed on your photo prints, or your photo downloads.

Photo removal request

If you are on a photo, the legal representative of the person on a photo or a parent of a minor on an photo, you can request removal of a photo from our website by clicking on the button at the bottom on the photo detail page.