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Previously, for anyone who did not live near by La Roche sur Foron, you could only buy a “Friendliness Package” for a photo shoot at your home. Of course, there is always the “Young Mother and New Born Package” but this package is of course targeting a specific group of customers.

The “Friendliness Package” contained by default 2 hours of photo shootings. A 2 hours of photo shootings is long for most of my customers.

So, I have changed this package to have 1 hour of photo shootings, that is the duration that people wants the most.

At the same time, I have also changed the price to 110€. That is another good news!

So check again this package and remember that you can also offer it!

With the birth of my son Thomas (Monday, August the 30th, 2010), I have started a personal project titled “Thomas, day by day“.

I’ll do (at least) a photo of Thomas each day for a year, varying the possible styles and moods. Every Wednesday I will publish on this blog 7 photos of Thomas covering the week.

To find all articles about this project, I have created a new category “Personal Project” with a sub-category “Thomas day by day“.

Here is a first photo to make you want to regularly check this blog:

Thomas, day by day

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Canvas Prints

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We are pleased to announce that we have a new product: canvas prints !

We are selling them in two sizes: 40x40cm and 55x33cm. Right now, we are not yet selling them on the web site, but we are working on it. Soon, you will see a redesign of the web site and a new “Shop” section.

Meanwhile, you can buy some of our canvas prints at the “Autour du Lac” shop, rue des Boulangers, 74140 Yvoire, France. You can call Christine and Nathalie, the two friendly owners of the shop at +33 4 50 72 19 92.

If you have a shop and you would like to sell our canvas prints, fell free to contact us!

Here are some examples of canvas prints we are selling…

De Cou 2 Rhône de Face Générations 1 La Reine Mère Ponton Vieille Proue

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You can now subscribe to this blog by email. You just have to type your email in the box on the left hand side of the site:

Email Subscriptions

Blog launch

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We have just updated our web site and have added a blog.

The “news” section has been replaced by this blog and old news have been added to the blog.

You will find in this blog all news related to this web site and our activities:

  • sport events that have been covered
  • new fine art photos added to the galleries
  • exhibitions announcements
  • miscellaneous publications

But will be also find general articles about photography:

  • tutorials about photography (learn the photography)
  • articles about the changing role of photographer

We plan to publish one article per week about photography.

We encourage you to subscribe to this blog. You can do it with your favorite Internet browser or by using eg the following tools: Google Reader or Netvibes.

Good reading!