Apple has announced yesterday the iPad 2 release (the 2nd of March 2011).

iPad 2What is it all about?

  • it is a little lighter
  • it is a little thinner
  • it has two cameras
  • it has a slightly faster processor
  • it has a slightly faster graphic processor

Not bad! And at the same price!

Wait a little bit before running buying one. If you would like to use an iPad 2 as a photographer, what do you want to do with it?

You mainly want to show your portfolio (and use the other apps as a bonus). But the iPad 2 is not improving the only part that is interesting for us: the screen.

Just know that Apple is clearing its iPad 1 stock (at least in France) with a great discount. You can buy an iPad 1 for 389€ (16GB Wifi, enough for a photographer) while the iPad 2 (same configuration) will be sold 499€.

So, if you are a photographer and you would like an iPad, buy an iPad… 1!

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