It could seem difficult de take a group photo.

Of course, you can always use the “school group photo” method et align everybody in two or three rows. The shorter guys in the first row (or seated), then several rows from shorter to taller. The last row of people could even stand on a bench.

As I do not like a lot this way of doing, I will advice you to take your photo from an high place. It will help to have a better point of view and you’ll be able to create a more creative alignment of the guys you are shooting.

If you are shooting a medium size group of people, you can align them and use a wide angle lens. Of course, do not create a strait line shape. It is better to have a shape that is like a M. Place on the center of the M (at the angle) the guy who is the most “important of the group”.

To take your photo from an high place, you could go on a balcony if you are taking your photo inside a building, or simply use a stepladder if your are shooting outside.

How to take great group photos - Use a stepladder

Place people regarding the shape you have choose, then use your wide angle lens to take your photo.

How to take great group photos - A group photo example

If you have a large group of people in front of you, be sure to have a light source that is coming from an high place (or you could reflect your light on a white roof) then place your group of people like a “rugby pack”, people should be shoulders against shoulders, in several tight rows, and you should not be able to see the ground. Then ask them to look at you.

Like for any portrait shoot, it is important to have people looking at you and having their eyes sharp.

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