If you have already used Lightroom on Microsoft Windows, you know that you can change the default languages in the preferences panel.

On Mac OS X, you cannot do it, I do not know why… On Mac OS X, Lightroom is using the operating system language as default language. As I have a French Mac OS X installed on my computer, Lightroom is using the French language as default language.

Unfortunately, I am used to work in English with my photography related softwares. I see several advantages doing this: you can find more information on the web in English, keyboard shortcuts sometime are related to the default language (fortunately, Lightroom is not doing that), and a lot of time English words are shorter than French words and that allows to gain some space on your screen :-)

Here is what you have to do to change the default language in Lightroom :

  • Open your Applications folder
  • Right-Click on Lightroom (or Ctrl-Click) then select «Show Package Contents»
  • Open «Contents/Resources»
  • Several folders contain available languages. They have all the «.lproj» extension. Lightroom will use the default language of your system (for me, it will use «fr.lproj») then the English language.
  • To use the English language, you have to «hide» the Erench language to Lightroom. To achieve this, rename «fr.lproj» to «fr.lproj.nouse» for example.

There is another path to reach the same goal. Each language folder contains a «TranslatedStrings.txt» file: it contains all sentences used by Lightroom in the targeted language. So you have to copy the «TranslatedStrings.txt» file of the targeted language to your OS X default language folder. For me, if I want to use Lightroom in Japanese language, I have to copy the «TranslatedStrings.txt» of the «ja.lproj» to the «fr.lproj» folder (I would have backed up the «TranslatedStrings.txt» file in the «fr.lproj» before to be able to go back to French language afterward).

Lightroom in Japanese

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