There is a lot of accessories available in the market to protect your camera when you are taking pictures in the rain. But they are often expensive and you must pay more than 100$ for them.

Here is a little tip I have used, one more time, last sunday during a sailing race:


To protect my D2X, I have simply used a garbage bag :-)

Make a hole at one end of the bag and insert inside the lens hood. Then fix it with a gaffer to make it impermeable.

Garbage bag

Once fixed, connect your lens to your lens hood. You are now ready to take pictures with a “waterproof” camera!

Garbage bag with camera inside

As the opening of the garbage bag is large, you will have a good access to your camera’s controls.

Camera controls

And as the trash bag is flexible, you can easily change the zoom settings from the outside, without having to put your hand inside the bag.

Perhaps you will look ridiculous, but your camera will not be wet and you will be able to take pictures when it’s raining!